Monday, February 17, 2014

Release 1 - Danger of Deluge

And for the first public widget release, we have:

Danger of Deluge

A project inspired by the brilliant bit of fun Risk of Rain by Hopoo Games, Danger of Deluge (Hah, wordplay!) includes two widgets:

1) Launcher Widget

  • Battery Life Bar
  • Wifi Strength Bar
  • Missed Texts Counter
  • 6 User-Assignable Launcher Buttons

2) Clock Widget

  • Tells you the time.
  • Identifies your next upcoming event in a 24 hour period.
  • The difficulty bar fills up as the event approaches

Danger of Deluge Widgets - Donate Version

As always, feature requests or interesting ideas are always welcome, please shoot me an email if you'd like to see something.

Supplementary stuff, like wallpapers, fonts, and icons, are here: Addendum.

Initial release is as much for wider testing as it is for "release" but I do hope you'll find them to be of use. As always, the projects are free, with the option of buying a "donate" version if you feel you've gotten enjoyment or practical use out of these things.


  1. Where can I get that sweet wallpaper?


  2. Would it be too difficult to use the difficulty icons (drizzle, rainstorm, monsoon) as weather indicators? :D

    1. I was trying to figure out what to do with those icons, actually.
      I didn't jump to making them weather because a) google no longer does weather themselves, so I'd have to use an external api, and b) with only three icons, I'd have to come up with some kind of interpretive system. Still, wanted to do something, may end up being that.

  3. Hey, here in 2017, I can't find this glorious AP I've been using on my old phone, so that I can put it on my new one. What happened? Will you be updating it for newer versions, or...?